Doodle Chest Designs started as a Family concern, just a dad and his 2 sons, really. He was getting the boys to do some doodling after school, to keep them from Zombie-ing out to technology. Then with a few small hops skips and doodles, they had the beginnings of a set of Designs they were getting a bit excited by.

The boys were always referred to as Doodle Bugs by their Mum and Dad anyway, so why not make it a real bug with them... So now Dad and the Doodle Bugs do it endlessly for the joy of doodling ... different subjects, different styles, different days and different moods. It all comes out in the Doodles.

So out of sheer blind passion for getting them out there, they started to imagine how they would introduce them to the masses, and .....BOOM!!

Doodle Chest Designs™ was pushed up like shearing tectonic plates, into the open, and their own breed of Doodling Designs are now available for you to proudly and Boldly display on your Chest...