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Your Handy Guide to Women's T-Shirt Styles for 2021

It is safe to say that 2021 holds more than a few fabulous style trends - from graphic tees to chunky sneakers, even midi skirts are back in. But, one of the most prominent trends for this year is t-shirts, and there are several ways you can incorporate these new t-shirt styles in your closet and everyday life. Not only are t-shirts one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear, but they can also be up-styled in a second, no matter what the occasion may be. That said, down below, you'll find the only guide you'll need for your t-shirt style endeavors for 2021, as well as more than a few handy ideas on what you can do with a simple t-shirt!

Different Types of T-shirts

Even though a t-shirt may sound like an ordinary clothing item, there are many different types that you should definitely acquaint yourself with. Here are just a few different types of t-shirts to begin with:

  • Graphic tee - Graphic tee shirts are all the craze now - with phrases and popular prints, you can wear these tee's with practically anything. No matter what your tastes or preferences are, you are bound to find more than a few that will fit your style and wardrobe perfectly, providing a beautiful touch to your outfit.

Doodle Chest Designs Girl wearing Kiss t-Shirt

(Image Credit: WhoWhatWear)

  • Crop tee - These t-shirts are perfect in the summer or when you're wearing a high-waisted denim short. Crop trees are also one of the most comfortable tee's to wear and offer a cheeky edge to your outfit. Pair your crop tee with a high-waisted denim short or a colorful midi skirt to have a fun summer look.
  • Collared tee - These t-shirts are ideal for a more professional look. The collared tee can come in various prints and colors to fit any style - whether you pair it with formal pants or a denim jean. Collared tees are also great if you're a more sporty person and can even be worn for a quick gym workout. Needless to say, a collared t-shirt is always a great item to have in your wardrobe.
  • Boyfriend tee - The boyfriend t-shirt is one of the more current trends, which are usually paired with a pair of bike shorts and some chunky sneakers - this look is very popular at the moment and has even been adopted by models and celebrities alike. The boyfriend tee is an oversized t-shirt, usually with some graphics printed on it, with large sleeves to offer a very casual look. Pair this look with a sleek hairstyle, and you're right on track with one of the most popular trends in 2021.
  • Striped tee - this is a more casual trend and looks great with a pair of loose-fitting jeans. The striped t-shirt offers a girl-next-door look and works great if you have a casual get-together with some friends. A striped t-shirt also completes your look instantly compared to a plain tee, with either multicolored stripes or different shades of a single color. Either way, you'll always have a go-to for casual occasions.


Doodle Chest Designs girl wearing striped t-shirt

T-shirt Designs that are Trending in 2021

Since t-shirts have become such a staple for any woman's wardrobe in 2021, some designs have risen above the rest and become the most popular out of all the designs. You may have already seen some of these styles in stores and online, but needless to say, they are hot-topic right now and are some of the best women's t-shirts to buy right now:

  1. Bold Statements

Many public figures have opted for the use of t-shirts to promote important causes as well as messages that need to be seen. From movements to charities and even political opinions have been displayed on t-shirts in order to amplify their importance, which has boosted t-shirts' popularity tenfold. Celebrities are even wearing these statement t-shirts to a-list events and awards - the point is that you can now use a t-shirt to express yourself and your opinions while looking fabulous at the same time.

  1. Flowers 

A more feminine-looking t-shirt is one with a delicate flower arrangement on it. These shirts work great with midi skirts and give a bohemian feel to your outfit. From sunflowers to beautiful roses, a floral t-shirt can’t go wrong and will provide a summery feel to any clothing you pair with it. 

  1. Hand-drawn graphics

Recently, hand-drawn outlines of people, logos and other pictures have become increasingly popular and shortly after that began to be printed on t-shirts - genius! Hand-drawn graphic t-shirts have a more artsy feel and are more on the minimalistic and straightforward side. Hand-drawn sketches are even printed on shirts, giving you the perfect opportunity to choose something that perfectly fits your personality. 

Doodle Chest Designs guy wearing hand drawn designed t-shirt

(Image Credit: JD Sports)

  1. Animals

Do you have a favorite animal? Well, odds are it's already been printed on a t-shirt and is waiting for you to grab it off the shelf. Animal printed t-shirts are for the more nature-loving kind and fit nicely with a solid-colored skirt. These animal shirts also often promote wildlife conservation, intelligently using the t-shirt industry to emphasize important campaigns. 

T-shirt Outfits Trending in 2021

As mentioned above, some of the most popular style trends of 2021 involve t-shirts, once again, showing how fashion trends are leaning towards a more casual side instead of formal and uncomfortable. That said, here are some excellent t-shirt outfit ideas that you can definitely experiment with in 2021:

  • Boyfriend t-shirt with bike shorts and chunky sneakers or heels - pair with some trendy sunglasses and a sleek bun or ponytail.
  • Floral t-shirt with a midi skirt and sandals - pair with a ratan handbag and loose waves for a summer look.
  • Statement t-shirt with a ripped jean or an ankle grazer - pair with a messy bun and a crossbody bag
  • Collared t-shirt with black flared pants for a more professional look - pair with straight hair and a tote.

When it comes to t-shirts, the possibilities are endless. The truth is that when you open your clothes closet in the morning and cannot figure out what to wear for the day, there will most probably be an appropriate t-shirt for whatever you have going on that day - allowing you to look flawless in an effortless way!

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