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What's your Favorite type of shirt print ?

Hey there shirt lovers.

Doodle Chest works a lot on different types of designs, and different types of slogans and sayings for t-shirts. But when I buy a shirt of my own, I always look for the ones with the best "puns" or difficult to decipher, without some inside knowledge. Great T-shirts are subjective, in the eye of the beholder sort of thing.

So what do you guys look for? Some look for something that doesn't say anything at all, and some like to say something quietly.

I can't always say I have a fav' site, but some of the ones I have regularly shopped at personally are 6 Dollar Shirts, Snorg Tees, and Busted Tees.

All Great sites for fun shirt slogans and graphics ... oh, and don't forget Us :)

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