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Top Picks: Work From Home Apparel

Top Picks: Work From Home Apparel

With the pandemic in full swing, millions of people have started working from home. What’s the best clothing for working from home? This guide to work from home apparel explains some of the best choices to keep you comfortable and productive.

Can’t I Just Work from Home in My Underpants?

If you don’t have to make any video calls or go outside, there’s nothing to stop you from working in nothing but your underpants.

However, it’s possible that working in your underpants could have an impact on your productivity. Getting dressed for work helps to reinforce a sense of routine and can help you to get into ‘work mode’. What you wear can also affect your sense of professionalism and confidence - you may find it harder to get into the role of salesmen or consultant while dressed in your underpants.

Of course, that isn’t to say you need to dress up in a suit and tie. You can still dress in casual and comfy clothes, but they should ideally be organized enough that you could go outside in them.

What SHOULD you wear?

Try to choose clothes that are comfortable but that help you to feel productive. Wearing jeans all day in the house might be less comfortable if you’re used to wearing joggers or sweatpants. However, if you associate joggers with lazing around, then it’s probably better to wear jeans.

Pay attention to your top half if you’re going to be on video calls throughout the day (and consider who you’re going to be talking to). If you’ve got a video call with a high-end prestigious client, then it may even be worth putting on a buttoned shirt or even a suit to make the right impression. If it’s just a colleague, a t-shirt may be fine. Take a look at this example:

doodle chest designs man working from home comfortably

(Image Credit: FlexJobs)

Working from Home When it’s Cool

In cooler temperatures, sweaters and thick flannel shirts can make great smart-casual options. Stick to neutral designs and colours if you’re going to be video calling important clients and want to stay professional.

A hoodie might be a bit too casual for some people, but if you feel you can work productively in one then go ahead. Hoodies are reliably cosy after all - check out this one for something a little stylish and cheeky.

Working from Home When it’s Hot

When it’s hot, t-shirts are a great option. You may want to stick to a plain neutral tee when doing video calls with important people. If you work in a science-y background, then you may be able to get away with something a bit geeky - these t-shirts make fun use of periodic elements and could still be a suitable option.

If you’re not doing any video calls, then feel free to put on any t-shirt. Vests and crop tops may be best avoided as they may not make you feel particularly professional and therefore may make it harder to get into the ‘zone’.

Feel free to wear some shorts. Even if you’re conducting video calls, no-one is going to see your lower half, and while they may not make you feel 100% professional, you’re likely to be more productive than having to suffer the heat in long trousers.

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