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The 3 Best Reasons To buy a Printed T-shirt

T-shirts can sometimes inspire, portray many moods, make a bold statement, or just feel good to have on. Here I am trying to list reasons I buy them.

Reason 1: Puns

I purchased my favorite tee online, and it was in among a group of shirts that I purchased as a bundle. I wasn't aiming for it to be my best, but with the combination of waiting for it to arrive, and putting it on finally, I was hooked. It's more of a play on words.

Reason 2: Colors

I used to be one of those white, black, or sports gray kind of t-shirt purchaser. Then I spent a bit of time in Japan, and had to change my color palette somewhat. So I hit Gap Online and headed straight for the color tees.

 Reason 2: I Just like it!!

Sometimes you just see something and it speaks to you, and you gotta have it :)

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