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Pro Tips For Promoting Your T-shirt Fundraising Campaign.

Pro Tips For Promoting Your T-shirt Fundraising Campaign

Want to raise money for a cause? Selling t-shirts is one popular and effective option.

It gives people a product in exchange for their donation, which can serve as an extra incentive to donate money towards your cause. The t-shirt itself meanwhile can be used to relay your message to others - you could print a bold and provocative slogan on it or you could use imagery to get your message across.

Of course, in order to sell your t-shirts and raise your target funds, you’ll need to promote your fundraising campaign. There are lots of ways to do this. Below are just a few tips.

Come up with an interesting t-shirt design

A boring t-shirt is going to do very little for your campaign. Start by coming up with an exciting t-shirt design that people are going to want to buy.

This design should ideally be relevant to your cause. If it’s a social justice cause, consider finding a slogan or a symbol that helps deliver your message. If it’s an environmental cause, then you may want to find an environmental theme (you’ll also want to make sure that the t-shirt is made from organic materials).

Build a webpage for your campaign that people can buy your t-shirt directly from

You should start by building a web page that provides details of your cause. People should be able to buy your t-shirt directly through this page either through a link or on the page itself. There are t-shirt fundraising platforms that you can use to do this.

When expressing the importance of your cause, consider telling a story and using research. Make sure to provide a good quality image of your t-shirt on the page.

Promote your campaign and webpage on social media

Social media is a great platform for spreading the news of your campaign. Start by creating pages for your campaign on each of the relevant social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 

Once you have a page you can start creating and sharing posts. The likes of Facebook allow you to boost posts to increase exposure. On Twitter and Instagram, you can harness the power of hashtags to reach out to more people. Consider using images and videos to help your posts stand out.

Posts should also contain links to your t-shirt webpage either within the post itself or as a comment below. You can even sell t-shirts directly through your Facebook page. For example:

Doodle Chest Designs Competition example

Encourage support from other people

It could be worth reaching out to influential people and getting them to share your posts and links to your site. Getting a shout-out from a noteworthy influencer could dramatically boost your t-shirt sales and help you to raise more funds.

 When it comes to charity causes, many influencers won’t ask for payment in exchange for supporting your cause. Of course, influencers get a lot of requests, so you need to find a way of getting through to them. The best option is usually to email them or their agent with an engaging press releasing. Don’t try to message them directly through social media.

It’s worth also encouraging support from people you already know. Getting lots of friends and family members to share your posts at the beginning of your campaign will help to make your cause look important and will help it to build momentum.

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