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Cool Doodles, take work.

Setting the Pace

We have been gathering some great designs to put on the store. We have been working like crazy to get enough done to keep up with what has been asked. We entered the game not knowing how busy things would get ... it's all good.

Working hard..

All Great things in life require hard work, it's just like morning follows night. We here at Doodle Chest Designs know that, and while there are days when it would be easy to just not get out of bed, we just have to get up and tick one thing off the list ... the most powerful motivator is "achievement"... and then you are off for the day, looking for the next adrenaline inducing achievement.

Anyway, stack a bunch of that up, and boom! you are on your way to .... well that's the other bit isn't it? ... having a plan to make that hard work mean something, and point you in a direction.

Suffice to say, Doodle Chest Designs recommends you get up and make your bed (tick) then go hunting for the next achievement, it's addictive.

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